Customizable Storage Accessory Trays & Dividers

Get more out of your DECKED drawers with customizable storage thanks to our accessory trays and dividers. Segment your space to fit your needs and utilize removable trays to truly get organized for the task. The trays and drawers are tinted light gray to make seeing what you are looking for easier. Sold separately.

DECKED custom-made Core Trax 1000 and T-Track mounting systems allow you to install robust tie down loops or mount Yakima, Thule and other rack systems quickly and easily. The tracks mount directly to DECKED’s steel frame ensuring bomber performance. Sold separately.

Storing and accessing your stuff needs to be easy. After years of failing to find a good solution we finally did it ourselves and designed DECKED. We developed a system which raises the deck, allowing you to store your tools, hardware and other items securely, out of the way, and out of the weather while having full use of the rest of your truck bed. Your time is money and being more efficient and working with less effort allows you more time and energy off the clock to do what you really love.

It can take a hell of a lot of toys to have a lot of fun. With DECKED you can store your rods, guns, skis, boards, sleeping bags, camp gear, tailgate party “items” or whatever else you need. Whether it be at the lake, ocean, mountain or parking lot, you can pretty much bring everything – including your girlfriend. Have a cold one on the top, lock your aspirin underneath, park your four-wheeler above, and stash your pride below. It’s up to you, fun hog. How are you going to use your DECKED?

Each DECKED system is shaped to fit your truck perfectly, matching the unique topography of nearly every 5 1/2’ (short) and 6 1/2’ (standard) pick up bed on the market since the late 1990’s. From wheel well height and fore/aft position, to sidewall shape to tailgate/bed relationship, DECKED fits like it rolled off the factory floor with your truck. Forget clunky aftermarket products; DECKED guarantees a precision fit every time.




F150 Heritage (1997-2004) 6’6” DF1
F150 (2004-Current) 5’6” DF2
F150 (2004-Current) 6’6” DF3
F150 (2015) Short Bed Pending DF4
F150 (2015) Standard Bed Pending DF5
Super Duty (1999-2008) 6’9” DS1
Super Duty (2009-Current) 6’9” DS2


Silverado or Sierra (1999-2006) 5’9” DG1
Silverado or Sierra (1999-2006) 6’6” DG2
Silverado or Sierra (2007-Current) 5’9” DG3
Silverado or Sierra (2007-Current) 6’6” DG4


Ram 1500 (1994-2001) 6’4” DR1
Ram 1500 (2002-2008) 6’4” DR2
Ram 1500 (2009-current) 5’7” DR3
Ram 1500 (2009-current) 6’4” DR4
Ram 2500 & 3500 (1994-2002) 6’4” DR1
Ram 2500 & 3500 (2003-2007) 6’4” DR2
Ram 2500 & 3500 (2008-current) 6’4” DR4


Tundra (2007-Current) 5’7” DT1
Tundra (2007-Current) 6’7” DT2


Titan (2008-Current) 5’7” DN1
Titan (2008-Current) 6’7” DN2


Drawer Lock Set with Keys (set of 2) AD1
Drawer Dividers (set of 4) AD2
Drawer Trays (set of 2) AD3
Drain Plugs (set of 2) AD4
48” Core Trax 1000 Tie Downs (set of 2 with 4 core locks) AT1
58” Core Trax 1000 Tie Downs (set of 2 with 4 core locks) AT2
48” T-Track Tie Downs (set of 2) AT3
58” T-Track Tie Downs (set of 2) AT4




Short 66” x 38.5” x 20.5”
Standard 77” x 38.5” x 20.5”
  • This was my first visit and was very impressed. I went in for exterior and general interior cleaning. My car looks new again! The attention to detail has my car looking like l drove it off a show room floor. The waiting area feels like you are in a home living room. I definitely will return. Thanks so much. Tiffany R.

  • I took my truck to Alex and team after it had been at the beach for multiple days - it was in pretty rough shape. I requested a full detail inside and out. He and his team did an absolutely fantastic job getting the sand out of the carpet, the seats, inside the fender wells, etc. I don't think it's been this clean since I bought it a couple of years ago. The cost was well worth it, not to mention reasonable. If you've not given Paradise a chance yet, do so! These guys are great! Mike Burris

  • Wow!!! The attention to detail for 'just' exterior car wash was astounding. Alex and the crew nailed it!! First time I experience performance like this. Wish I was assigned here for this. Kendra Fulton

  • Wow!!! Just wow. Must come and see and review yourself. Hand wash. With attention to detail. No rush.

    Michael Fulton Jr

  • Brought my mom's 2004 Malibu for full detail before selling. Thorough fantastic job, they made it shine, sparkle and look new again, wanted to keep it! Car sold in less than 6 hours. Thank you Paradise!

    Dolores Casarez

  • I drove all the way from Boerne to try their detail service out and I wasn't disappointed. I have never seen a staff put so much effort into their work. They did a wonderful job and I will be back. Their prices are reasonable too.

    Lisa S.

  • How do you define the quality of service provided?

    My car sustained hail damage and the collision center that completed the repair left the interior of my car a disaster. Dust was caked throughout the interior, greasy finger prints were plastered all over the headliner and upholstery. My insurance company authorized to reimburse me to have the interior of the car detailed.Alex at Paradise Detail Company/Total Auto Care listened to my concerns and offered services at a reasonable price. My car was given to them a mess and returned in "like new" condition. Safelite replaced my windshield today and commented on the cleanliness of the interior of my car. Paradise Detail Company/Total Auto Care is the real deal at affordable prices. I certainly will be going back. Thank you for a job well done.  Irene H.

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